Traditional kitchens are consistently popular throughout the years and for a good reason. Classic kitchen designs are seamless and elegant, upholding traditional style whilst maintaining both form and function. Combining the charm and appeal of classic and country kitchens with the newest technologies offered by the latest appliances to cater to the most demanding chefs, traditional kitchens offer the best of two worlds.

Wood effect cabinets or wooden worktops as well as the choice of flooring will paint the overall picture while details like handles, open shelving and basket drawers will be the icing and create a cosy space and give your kitchen a natural and handcrafted look.

Your existing space and ambience, as well as personal tastes, will influence the design project throughout, meaning that your resulting traditional kitchen is bespoke to you and your home.

Traditional kitchen design elements

There’s much more to traditional kitchen design than meets the eye. Explore the many elements that give a traditional kitchen personality and timeless style.

Traditional Kitchens with coffered ceiling elements​

Most people just think about cabinet colors and wall tiles when it comes to designing a traditional kitchen. But have you thought to incorporate your kitchens ceiling? A coffered ceiling elevates the style with architectural details.

The small details make the difference

With traditional kitchen ideas, the sum of small parts really do make the whole, especially when looking at the cabinet fronts, fixtures handles and the color scheme. However, dont go over the top. Simple finishes as accents are what we are looking for.

Double down on natural elements

The harmonious combination of craftsmanship, functionality and classic design elements make the traditional kitchen design style an obvious choice.

The use of natural materials such as wooden countertops, real stone flooring as well as warm, natural colours are the secret in creating a a traditional kitchen with warmth and lots of character

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Coloured cabinets with rustic features

Painted kitchen cabinets are a great way to give your traditional kitchen a personal and unique with unique twist. When paired with rustic furniture such as oak tables and chairs, it creates a classic look and feel.

For a traditional kitchen design, look for matt color hues in heritage tones. However, you can also go more contemporary with brighter and contrasting colors to make your cabinets stand out more.

Traditional Kitchen tiling

Don’t be afraid to use modern materials in a traditional kitchen. Bold design touches, such as tile backsplashes have a place in traditional kitchen design. Muted colored glass tiles can bring cheerful color and modern style to a classic kitchen.

Incorporate a traditional Buttlers Sink

A pared-back design allows statement materials to shine through. A buttlers sink can make a focal point in your kitchen.

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