Our Extensive Range of Products

Our extensive range of products is designed to transform your space into a haven of luxury and sophistication. Whether you’re dreaming of a sleek and contemporary kitchen or a tranquil and spa-like bathroom, we have the perfect solution for you. From stylish cabinets and countertops to exquisite tiles and kitchen appliances, we offer a comprehensive selection to suit your unique style and preferences.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart from the competition? It’s our unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service and remarkable attention to detail. We believe that every project, no matter the size, deserves our utmost dedication and expertise. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you, turning your vision into reality and ensuring that every aspect of your kitchen or bathroom exceeds your expectations.

Our Dedication to the Local Community

But that’s not all. Sussex Tile and Stone goes beyond offering exceptional products and services. We take pride in being a local business, deeply rooted in the community we serve. Our passion for supporting the local economy and building lasting relationships with our customers is what drives us forward. When you choose us, you’re not just choosing a supplier; you’re choosing a partner who genuinely cares about your satisfaction.

Years of Excellence and Recognition

Since our establishment in 2002, we have garnered a strong reputation for our commitment to excellence. Our dedication to delivering top-notch quality and our ability to transform even the smallest spaces into remarkable experiences have earned us the trust and loyalty of countless homeowners and architects throughout East Sussex.

Your Partner in the Journey

When you choose Sussex Tile and Stone, you’re choosing a partner who will guide you through every step of the process, from initial design concepts to the final installation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer your questions, offer expert advice, and bring your dreams to life.

Visit Our Showroom

We invite you to visit our showroom in Newhaven, where you can explore our extensive collection of kitchens, bathrooms, and tiles firsthand. Let us inspire you with our remarkable designs and guide you towards creating the space you’ve always envisioned.

Transforming Houses into Homes

At Sussex Tile and Stone, we don’t just sell kitchens, bathrooms, and tiles; we create experiences that transform houses into homes. Join us on this exciting journey and let us help you realize the true potential of your living spaces.

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