Probably one of the most misunderstood types of kitchen designs are contemporary kitchens. Contemporary means, “of the current time period,” and it as such what is contemporary changes over time. For example, bright splashes of colour were a contemporary trend about 10-years ago, country style kitchens were a trend about 5-years ago while today grays and more neutral colors are considered contemporary.

Contemporary kitchen design combines high functionality and streamlined surfaces from the modern kitchen design style and incorporates more traditional ideas into it for a sleek, functional but livable space. Contemporary kitchens are clean, minimalist and uncomplicated. The contemporary kitchen is uncluttered and celebrates minimalism. It appeals to people who like “clean and sleek”. Appliances are built into the cabinets and cabinet doors usually are flat-front wooden, steel or lacquered to emphasise the clean and sleek look. Countertops are square-edged, often metal or under lighted glass while accessories are kept to a minimum. However, that does not mean contemporary kitchens lack personality.

Contemporary kitchens often exude personality through the use of different materials, and the backsplash is a great place to do that. This is where usually lots of patterns can be found. Glass tiles are a favourite, as are mosaic, stone and ceramic. For the strongest personalisation in your contemporary kitchen, choose resources that express your lifestyle: materials, texture, colours, and design. If you opt for a kitchen island, these will often mimic the design of the countertops and cabinets already in place. Consider, however, lining one side of the island with pub-style seating, using stools made from chrome or other metal.

Contemporary kitchen design elements

There’s much more to contemporary kitchen design than meets the eye. Explore the many elements that give a contemporary kitchen personality and timeless style.

Seamless layout through full overlay cabinets

Full overlay cabinets designed in a way, that the actual cabinet is hidden behind the panel door. Two door styles are dominant in Contemporary kitchen design: slab front and Shaker-style. Both have simple lines. Hardware can be added to cabinet doors but some designs omit hardware to maintain a minimalistic, clean look in the room.

Simple & sleek kitchen hardware

Bar shaped hardware has been a “traditional” choice for Contemporary-style kitchens. The rule of thumb for hardware is sleek and simple, not ornate. Finishes can vary but stainless steel, brushed nickel and chrome are popular selections.

With traditional kitchen ideas, the sum of small parts really do make the whole, especially when looking at the cabinet fronts, fixtures handles and the color scheme. However, dont go over the top. Simple finishes as accents are what we are looking for.

Kitchen Island and Breakfast bars

Islands and breakfast bars remain cherished features for a contemporary kitchen. If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate an island, you can use it for a color statement by painting it a different color than your cabinets. A breakfast bar can be part of the island design or part of the kitchen cabinet that separates the kitchen area from the family room and/or dining room.

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Subtle colors to create a consistent look and feel

You aren’t limited to a specific color palette for your contemporary kitchen design. Subtle colors are popular contemporary choices that give your kitchen a fresh state-of-the-art look. However, if bold and bright are more to your taste, then certainly a contemporary kitchen design can easily accommodate any color you prefer.

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