Our bathrooms need to feel both nurturing and joyful, provide energy for the perfect start into the new day and help us decompress in the evening, after a long and exhausting day. The bathroom is at least as important as any other room in your house. Yet too often, it feels out of step with the rest of a home, invested with less love and personality. Often we end up with a cold cold, room with unflattering atmosphere. Lighting, texture and colour are the key elements to consider when designing a bathroom, so is accessories to lighten the mood and set off your imagination.

We offer a fully managed bathroom design and installation service in East Sussex and the greater sussex area. From our showroom in Newhaven, we will set your imagination free to create a bespoke, high quality bathroom down to your wishes. No matter the size or budget, our team of local experts will help you create a stunning bathroom that will transform your mornings.

.From design through selection of the best materials through to fitting of the tiles, we have created a streamlined and smooth process to make picking a new bathroom as relaxing and stress-free as possible. With over 10 years of experience, you can be safe knowing you are dealing with the industrys best professionals with the highest quality standards for every budget.

We design the perfect bathroom to your taste​

One thing we’ve learned from our 15 years’ experience in designing and fitting luxury bathrooms is that everyone has a slightly different idea of ‘perfect’, and that’s why we start our design process by listening to you. Whilst our team put your designs together, the theme is driven by you, our customer. We spend a lot of time listening to your tastes, colour preferences and style choices so that we can create a bathroom that’s perfect for you.

Not only do we go into detail on the aesthetics, but we also look at the functionality. Your bathroom should be a shrine that you can relax in, but it also needs to be a practical space to streamline your morning routine. We look at the latest bathroom technologies, fixtures and fittings that can really take your morning ritual to the next level, such as large shower heads, bath jets and clever storage solutions to rid you of day to day clutter. We’ll even think about how easy your bathroom is to clean…

Traditional Bathroom Design

Traditional bathrooms stand the test of time and provide lots of character, elegance and luxury through use of finest materials and an incredible attention to even the smallest details. Sussex Tile and Stone offers a range of products to create a stunning bathroom that will posses timeless quality and will never go out of fashion

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Modern Bathroom Design

Our modern bathroom designs take inspiration from the most up to date designs and trends to create a contemporary feeling. Sleek and modern design will make your bathroom stand out.

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