The term “modern” encompasses everything that’s sleek and streamlined and that is reflected in modern kitchen design. Today’s modern kitchen seamlessly combines function, aesthetic and technology. Some say it lacks character and personality that come across as cold or steril, but we like to think that less often is more. Modern kitchen design usually is defined by open spaces, minimalistic features, and simple colour palettes, to create streamlined, clutter-free spaces.With the usual kitchen appliances taking a backseat, kitchen decoration and kitchen lighting become more important. In fact, thoughtful design of modern kitchens can bring more homeowner personality to shine—even in small kitchens—as kitchen elements take a backseat to personal accents, like art and other collections.

Whether you like a cool and contemporary or a warm and homely kitchen, Sussex Tile and Stone provides a range of kitchens for every taste and kitchen size. Cabinets can be supplied in both a matt or gloss finish, with colours across a wide available spectrum. Choose frameless, slab-fronted cabinet fronts to create a modern and bespoke space that offer seamless functionality alongside a stylish, minimalist look and a selection of finishes ranging from sleek high-gloss to wood-effect. Integrated Appliances include ovens, microwaves and induction cooker hobs complement your design. For the complete modern kitchen design, handleless kitchens streamline the room to create a sleek and stylish finish.

Traditional kitchen design elements

There’s much more to traditional kitchen design than meets the eye. Explore the many elements that give a traditional kitchen personality and timeless style.

Clean Lines with straight angles

A truly modern kitchen boasts crisp clean lines and minimal details. Angles tend to reign over curves, or if curves are introduced they are strictly geometric and disciplined.

Frameless Cabinets with flat front panels

Sometimes referred to as slab-doors, this is a signature element of modern kitchen design. Together with a frameless design, where the doors overlay the cabinet box, it creates a modern, sleek kitchen design with consistent spacing between all doors and drawers.

Simplicity with ornamentation

This is one of the points where contemporary and modern kitchen design differs. Where you see patterned tile shapes or multiple materials with texture, color and patina in a contemporary kitchen, you won’t see much of that in a modern kitchen. Flat-panel door styles and sleek kitchen appliances are joined by a simple elements like full-height glass backsplash and countertops without any patterns or veining.

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Beauty of natural materials

Modern kitchens use little ornamentation but rather rely on natural characteristics from the materials used, such as the horizontal grain of oak when it’s rift cut or the natural beauty and veining of marble.

Fully integrated Kitchen Appliances

Don’t be afraid to use modern materials in a traditional kitchen. Bold design touches, such as tile backsplashes have a place in traditional kitchen design. Muted colored glass tiles can bring cheerful color and modern style to a classic kitchen.

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